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The policies relating to climate change and energy are progressively far-reaching and relevant to all types of business sectors.

Businesses need to understand what these policies are and the influence they can have on them.

Experience you can trust

We provide the expertise and services which businesses and organisations need to navigate the climate and energy policy world.

With over a decade of experience operating at the highest level as policymakers in the private sector, we have access to an extensive network of experts and advisors.

A strategic approach

We advise companies and organisations on a variety of strategic, policy and regulatory issues in UK, European and international markets.

We focus on the interaction between climate and energy policy, geo-politics and the implications for business. Our advocacy skills enable us to give clients first-class advice on how to access and influence policymakers on climate and energy policy.

About Us

Climate & Energy Associates is managed by Richard Folland and provides advisory and advocacy services to companies and organisations. Richard has nearly 30 years’ experience as a diplomat and advocate - operating at the highest level on climate and energy policy as a policymaker and as a private sector advisor. Through his extensive UK and international network, Richard has access to a range of close associates and experts. For more background, please see his Linkedin page.

Climate & Energy Associates operates in the nexus of climate and energy policy, geo-politics and the implications for finance, investment and the corporate world.

Above all, we are:
  • Strategic
  • Experienced
  • Informed
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Our Services

Our experience in policymaking and in the private sector enables us to make the connections between climate and energy policy, geo-politics and the implications for businesses.

We are particularly well-equipped to provide advice on the implications for finance and investment, and on all aspects of emissions-related regulation.
Strategic advice on UK, EU & international climate change and energy policy developments
Analysis of specific policy and regulatory developments for a range of organisations and businesses
Assessing and interpreting strategic trends and policy developments for financial and investment institutions
How to access and influence policy makers on climate and energy policy, including narrative and messaging
Advocacy on behalf of clients with policymakers
Access to a wide network, including experts from banking, government, think-tanks and NGOs

Our Associates

We’re proud to work with the best experts in the climate and energy business.

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